Commercial Furniture in Bend, OR

Central Oregon Office Interiors provides commercial furniture in Bend, OR, offering workstations, cubicles, and workspace design services that empower employees with stylish, comfortable, and functional furnishings. We create workspaces that foster collaboration while providing needed privacy for concentration and creativity.

Our office space designs provide accessible work surfaces, plenty of storage, and ergonomic solutions. Our collection includes pieces from trusted, high-quality brands in a variety of color palettes that complement and express your office’s personality and your brand.

As a commercial office furniture dealer, we carry furniture that offers both contemporary styles and traditional design, allowing you to mix and match furnishings that suit you while optimizing available workspaces in each office area.

Then there are modern cubicles with rounded corners that reduce the number of walls; they’re available in soothing color tones that help to calm and focus attention on work. These are a cut above ordinary office cubicles you’d find elsewhere in Bend, OR, and can set your workspace apart as more comfortable and accommodating to employee needs.

Desking + Benching

Benches can help maximize narrow workspaces. Benches also can improve your office’s flow, creating a workspace that is open yet defined.

Our desks can provide work space for employees without confining them to a cubicle. Most of the desk options we offer incorporate built-in storage or filing systems or make storage solutions available as matching secondary pieces.

Many bench and desk styles can combine to create rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped work areas. Let us help you choose desks and benches that create workspaces that are efficient, light, and functional.


Private office space has become a singular aspiration for many a cubicle-dweller. We create beautiful yet practical private offices that inspire creativity while offering the functional advantages of a private workspace.

Our design selections may include brands like HON, Paoli Furniture, or Cherryman Industries, all known for quality, style, durability, and excellence in design.

These private office furnishings and products enhance private office space with personal touches that are finely crafted and made from quality materials. If you’d like help selecting the perfect office set for your private office, contact us now.

Sit-Stand + Ergonomic

We offer adaptable office workstations in Bend, OR, and the surrounding area. Adjustable desks, chairs and accessories offer employees the flexibility to sit or stand to ensure their comfort and well-being while maintaining productivity in the work environment.


Supportive office chairs bolster the lower and middle spine and take weight off the feet, legs, and hips. We offer a variety of brands that embody the best in office seating design.

Filing + Storage

Every office has hard copy information and physical supplies that must be put away and secured when not in use. Our filing and storage solutions address these needs in stylish designs that integrate seamlessly with your office decor.


The conference room is the hub of innovation. We offer products and furniture for conference rooms that focus on function and versatility.

Lounge Furniture

Paoli Furniture, HON, and Ergo are known for easy maintenance, comfort, and functionality. Their products grace spaces as diverse as employee lounges, C-suites, and communal lunchrooms.

Lighting + Accessories

Lighting sets the tone for creativity, motivation, and empowerment. How you light work areas demonstrates your concern for employee comfort and productivity. When natural light isn’t an option, we offer lighting that’s friendly to employees and to the environment.